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Are you a coach, a healing professional, or a wellness practitioner?
PotenSOUL Authors is a full turnkey solution that allows you to publish your self-improvement courses online in our potenSOUL marketplace.
We have a team of experts ready to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish. We are looking for passionate andtalented self-improvement instructors to join the Helping you help others help themselves movement.
Help create accessible wellness solutions for students worldwide!

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Earn revenue on your course sales and on referrals you bring to the potenSOUL website.

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From content editing to instructional design, we offer a turnkey solution to help guide  you in offering your courses.

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This isn’t for everyone. potenSOUL looks to build a network of enthusiastic instructors that want to make a difference in their student’s lives.
If you’re looking to offer your self-improvement courses to an online marketplace through a hands-off easy to use platform, then potenSOUL Authors is the place for you.

“When working with Jenny I could let my creative side come out and brainstorm on what I wanted in my course. Jenny came in and gave me expert insights that made my course stronger. She has been supportive of the process and to get my course up loaded and ready to go. Jenny came up with ways for processing changes and if I needed assistance I could contact her for a meeting. We’d figure out what the next steps were. She has a keen eye for details and the business side of creating courses which comes in handy for me because it can be hard for me to shift to the logical side around my courses and there is a balance to what is needed for a successful outcome.
It’s exciting to see my course come together and it looks amazing!

KD’s AdventuresPortland, Oregon

“To complete my value proposition, I had to design and build a training course for a group of entrepreneurs in a newly launched incubator program. Jenny’s coaching and tools offered an effective platform to develop an informative, and interactive training workshop that achieved its learning objectives. Building a program with participant engagement at its core shapes effective training, which Jenny reinforces through her customer approach. It is evident that she is partnering with you to realize your success.

Initially, the task appeared daunting, but Jenny took me through her methodology that allowed me to accomplish my goal in logical, achievable steps. I would definitely recommend Jenny to anyone looking to design effective training material and delivery in any industry, or sector. ”

Hazel LordToronto, Canada

“I was developing a course on Relationship Dynamics and I had lots of content; but wasn’t sure how best to deliver it. Jenny's potenSOUL Authors helped me deliver a higher quality program to my course participants than I had ever before. The processes Jenny had me follow allowed me to really enjoy the planning and preparation in a more natural stress-free manner than had been my usual habit. Every step along the way Jenny ensured that I kept the outcomes in mind, that varied learning styles and needs were being met and that the training flowed in the most beneficial way for the participants.

What I particularly liked about working with Jenny is her ability to zero in on what is important. That combined with her vast experience in adult learning make her an invaluable coach. I am very grateful for having had this experience of working with Jenny.

I would definitely recommend Jenny's potenSOUL program to anyone who wants to offer impactful courses.”

Shirley MatherKitchener, Canada

“I had an online course that I wanted to promote - to affect a larger audience. When I learned about potenSOUL, it seemed like a good fit. Jenny and her team patiently helped me through every step of the way, because even though I had a program developed, I was missing some key components. Now that I have them in place, I'm ready to create my next program!
I highly recommend Jenny and her team at potenSOUL Authors if you want to reach a larger audience with your classes and teachings; or create a new course.”

Helen McConnellOregon, USA